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Pursuant to the Local Government Act 1972 and Section 27 of the Localism Act 2011, Grendon Underwood Parish Council (‘the Local Council’) is a designated Planning Consultee of the Planning Authority, Buckinghamshire Council.

The Planning Authority is legally obliged to submit planning applications, proposed within the Parish boundary, to their relevant Planning Consultee and invite it to provide a local perspective on the application.

The Local Council may or may not be obliged to respond to such invitations subject to it considering any such response to be divisive or not in the public interest. The Local Council will invoke its Planning Policy, taking due regard to its evaluation of any impacts on local need and sustainability. It is also required to take into account all relevant planning law and precedent.

In making any response the Local Council will always seek to represent the views of local residents, as it is able to ascertain these and where these are notified to the Local Council, such as to convey to the Planning Authority any local environmental concerns & infrastructure implications they may have, should the Planning Authority grant an application.

Whilst legally bound to “consider” local input, The Planning Authority is only required to give it that weight in the planning balance as it alone sees fit. The Planning Authority is NOT obliged to accept local input either in whole or in part.

In order for residents to advise their concerns to their Local Council, they are urged to regularly access the Planning Page of the Planning Authority to see new applications arising and view the comments and documentation associated with them at the link provided above - choose ‘current applications’ and specify ‘Grendon Underwood’.

Residents can make a comment either directly on that site, or to their Local Council on their web site - use the form on the Contact Us page on this site.