This is a Highways England (HE) National project which is opposed by all the councils through which it is proposed it may run.

Buckinghamshire Council opposes and has refused to sign a non disclosure agreement requested by HE.

Our MP spoke in the House of Commons on 22nd July 2020. - see below. He remains optimistic that he project is far from agreed in Parliament but there also remains a growing concern that even in the event of the roadway being scrapped, there is a hidden Government agenda to use the corridor as a basis for a 1 million housing development programme.

Greg Smith, Conservative, Buckingham 5:03 pm, 22nd July 2020

In the Adjournment debate prior to the February half-term recess, I spoke in detail about a proposal that would devastate my constituency—the Oxford to Cambridge expressway road. I set out the case as to why it would be an environmental and economic disaster that would wipe out people’s homes, farms and businesses, and the beautiful villages of Buckinghamshire. I will not repeat the detail of those arguments today, other than to say that it was very good news that when my right hon. Friend the Chancellor published the Budget in March, the road investment strategy 2, or RIS 2, document that accompanied it moved the expressway project out of the “go ahead” column into the “paused” column.” Better news is that I have had confirmation that Highways England has not progressed work on the project.

It goes without saying that my constituents continue to be nervous and concerned that that project might reappear on the agenda. I ask the Minister to urge colleagues in the Department for Transport to move on and to look at alternative projects, such as improving existing roads and delivering a bypass for the village of Wing, rather than the Oxford to Cambridge expressway.

On councils, I have nothing but praise not only for Buckinghamshire Council but, importantly, for all the town and parish councils that serve us. At a very micro and local level, they can do much to improve lives and support people.