Publication date: 01 August 2021
Author: GUPC

The Parish Councils of Grendon Underwood, Edgcott & Steeple Claydon held 3 open public drop in sessions to provide information and guidance on how to object and provide objection grounds that the Planning Committee of the Local Planning Authority [Buckinghamshire County Council].

On 4th August the Prison Working Group hosted an open public exhibition of ways to object in the Grendon Underwood Village Hall: a far better attendance than was expected, much discussion & lots of commitment to object.

On 6th August the Prison Working Group hosted an open public exhibition of ways to object in the Edgcott Village Hall: another well attended event, lots of information gathering and advice on well structured objections.

On 10th August the Prison Working Group hosted an open public exhibition of ways to object in the Steeple Claydon Village Hall: another wonderful turnout. 

Thanks to all who came along, all volunteers, Greg Smith, MP, Angela Macpherson, Bucks County Councillor and Frank Mahon, Bucks County Councillor.

Using the information sheets below, make your objections as soon as possible now to give your views the best chance of consideration at Committee -


Information sheets can be accessed below. It is important to keep your objections focused on some or all of the information provided.

In addition, Planning-specific grounds for objection are summarised in the Summary Sheets below. These are the ones made available at the drop-in sessions and will give you an overview of the grounds on which objections should be focused. 


  1. If you want to extract text only from any of the Information Sheets you can do this directly after opening the Sheet(s) that you want to use, by using copy and paste
  2. However, if you want to copy any of the images or tables in any of the Information Sheets, download and save the Sheet(s) you want to your computer
  3. You can then copy and paste from the saved Sheet into a Word document as usual

Photos Available for Use in Objections

Please feel free to use any of the photos in the Visual Impact documents below to highlight aspects of your objections. The document will need to be saved to your computer and then the images can be copied and pasted into a Word document in the usual manner. Some of the photos may be helpful in highlighting how visible the new mega prison would be from different locations and how narrow and close to the road that some of the footpaths are located.


Publication date: 22 June 2021




The Planning Authority window for objections closed on 3rd September. Their decision is expected imminently. To see the final list of objections go to the Planning Portal click here. and click on Documents.

On 25th August 2021 the Grendon Underwood Parish Council response to the MoJ Outline Planning Application was submitted to the Buckinghamshire Planning Officer.

On 18th August 2021 the Edgcott Parish Council response to the MoJ Outline Planning Application was submitted to the Buckinghamshire Planning Officer.

On 16th August Greg Smith MP spoke with Crime Commissioner Matthew Barber who advised serious risk to Thames Valley Police resource. You can see it here.

Three open, public drop-in sessions were organised by the Parish councils and held on 4th, 6th & 10th August in Grendon Underwood, Edgcott & Steeple Claydon Village Halls. They were all very well attended so thanks to all who came and supported, including volunteers, Greg Smith, MP, Cllrs Angela Macpherson & Frank Mahon, Buckinghamshire County for Grendon Underwood & Edgcott.

You can download the MoJ flyover of Five Wells displayed at the exhibitions- what they are proposing to build here.

On 22nd July, our MP, Greg Smith spoke in Parliament and you can see it here.

On 21st July the Prison Working Group called an open remote meeting co-hosted by Greg Smith MP.

Use this link to watch the meeting in full:

The presentation given at the meeting can be viewed separately here.

On 14th July, the Parish Councils requested an extension to the statutory response time of 21 days from posting of notices.

On 13th July the Prison Working Group has called a meeting at which all 3 of our Buckinghamshire Councillors will attend.

On 12th July 2021 Outline Planning Application 21/02851/AOP was published to the Bucks AVDC Planning Simple Search site and the GUPC Planning page on this site, setting a closing date for objections at 9th August 2021. The MoJ have submitted 55 supporting documents and you can access these on either of these sites.

On 5th July 2021 Buckinghamshire Council formally recorded receipt of the OPA and also validated it on 5th July.

On 28th June 2021 this press release was released to the Sunday Times, the Guardian, BBC Home Affairs and the Bucks Herald.

On 22nd June 2021 the MoJ advised they had submitted an OPA on 21st June 2021 to Buckinghamshire Council. You can see the MoJ letter here.

Please look out on social media and this web site for more information on leaflet drops & event dates describing how the campaign will ramp up from here on in.


Publication date: 10 December 2020
Author: Parish Clerk




21st July 2020 - MoJ give initial briefing to BCC Senior Management & make formal request.

August 2020 - MoJ meet with BCC.

October 2020 - pre-application advice received by BCC; no contact with community.

19th November 2020 - 20/03988/SO Local Planning Authority (BCC) validate MoJ request for BCC to consider the need for an Environment Impact Assessment.

December 2020 - meeting held to discuss landscape & visual impact; responses made subsequently.

3rd December 2020 - MoJ first notify local communities of their intention to build a THIRD prison in Grendon Underwood, this time a 1440 bed Mega Prison, giving till 24th December 2020 for comment, subsequently extended (on 19th December 2020) to 29th January 2021.

7th December 2020 - update meeting to develop the master plan & public consultation with senior representatives of BCC

10th December 2020 - the Parish Council held an open Preliminary Fact Finding Meeting for residents to give their views. In light of UNPRECIDENTED OPPOSITION expressed then, the Council resolved to hold a series of open meeting to keep residents informed of progress.

17th December 2020 - 20/03988/SO BCC Planning decide no Environment Impact Assessment is necessary.

21st December 2020 - further meeting between BCC Senior Management & MoJ.

January 2021 - MoJ meet with BCC Highways.

19th January 2021 - The first open meeting held when the findings of research by residents were presented and the MoJ gave an outline of their proposals. You can you can see it HERE.

25th January 2021 - Buckinghamshire Council held a Cabinet Meeting to discuss the proposal and resolved to oppose. You can watch it HERE.

26th January 2021 - our MP, Greg Smith submits his formal response. You can see this HERE.

27th January 2021 - Buckinghamshire County Council councillors' object. You can see their response HERE.

28th January 2021 - Grendon Underwood Parish Council make its formal response. You can see it HERE.

5th February 2021 - the end of the extended MoJ consultation period - Grendon Underwood & Edgcott Parish Councils formalised a Prison Working Group of local volunteers to develop an opposition strategy.

15th & 16th February 2021 - second & third open meetings held and you can see the recording HERE.

March 2021 - MoJ submit formal request to BCC Highways for Pre-Application advice & meeting held with Highways.

26th March 2021 - MoJ Senior Management meet with BCC representatives .

Minutes of all open meetings & presentations made at them are available on the Meetings page of this site.

As further information comes to hand, times & dates will be posted to this web site. giving as much notice as possible considering the time scales imposed by the Ministry of Justice & the Planning Authority.